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Positive News, Pegadaian Closes 2022 with Double Digit Customer Growth – PT Pegadaian recorded positive news until the end of 2022. The reason is that until 31 December 2022, Pegadaian customers increased by 11.11% from 31 December 2021. The number served was 19.67 million people, while on 31 December 2022 it rose to 21.86 million people.

The Main Director of Pegadaian Damar Latri Setiawan expressed his gratitude to the people throughout Indonesia who continue to be loyal in utilizing pawn products and services.

This was conveyed by Damar during the departure ceremony for the employees who won the Pegadaian Excellence Award in Jakarta on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

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“We are continuously committed to realizing Pegadaian’s vision as the community’s first choice financial inclusion agent. Therefore we never stop making business innovations in order to improve the quality of the company’s products and services. We really believe that Pegadaian exists because of the community, so we always want to provide the best by providing solutive products and excellent service to customers,” said Damar in an official release.

Damar also explained that Pegadaian also always gives appreciation to employees who have provided excellent service (service excellence) to customers.

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This was proven on January 5, 2023, Pegadaian dispatched 57 employees who won the Pegadaian Excellence Award who received prizes in the form of tourist trips to Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.

Meanwhile, the winners who received appreciation consisted of several categories including The Best Frontliner, The Best Supporting, The Best Culture, The Best Inspiring, and The Best Innovation. They come from various regions throughout Indonesia.

“This proves that the company’s commitment to providing the best service to the community is not only for counter staff who directly deal with customers,” he continued.

“All employees in all work units, both those in service outlets and supporting work units, are required to give their best performance to customers. This is a non-negotiable commitment of all Pegadaian employees. In accordance with the principles of good corporate governance (GCG), the company gives awards to those who excel. On the other hand, we also take a firm stand against individuals who are not trustworthy in carrying out their duties,” said Damar. ()

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