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Getting to Know the Insurance Business Along with the Flow and Opportunities Obtained

[ad_1] – Insurance business is a product that is made specifically to protect businesses, in other words the insurance business is carried out so that the property owned by an entrepreneur can be covered for losses if something happens that results in a loss.

As an entrepreneur who clearly doesn’t want a loss in his business, of course you are required to have two insurance protections, namely life insurance and business insurance.

Life insurance is for your employees, if a disaster occurs to your employees while working at your company,

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Meanwhile, business insurance, of course, is used to cover losses to your business, in the event of a disaster such as fire, natural disaster, theft, riot, and so on which makes your business categorized as a loss threshold.

How to register our business with Business Insurance?

The first thing to do as a Director is to apply for a permit and request for a capability assessment for a first-party candidate for an insurance company.

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Provisions for fit and proper tests are regulated in OJK (Financial Services Authority) regulations, regarding fit and proper test for the main parties of financial service institutions.

OJK gives approval and asks for complete documents. If the document meets the requirements, it will be approved, and if it is incomplete then there is a rejection from the OJK which forces the insurance company to submit another application letter.

Apart from checking the completeness of the documents, the OJK will conduct a review of the business office in order to ensure the readiness of the company’s operations.

After the assessment of the capability and compliance of the main parties has gathered, the OJK will provide an approval letter no later than 30 working days.

Other benefits of the insurance business apart from preventing losses, they can also stimulate business growth, have social benefits and of course as future savings.

Seeing from the uncomplicated flow of Business Insurance registration, as well as the many benefits to be gained, therefore let’s register our business so that our business is protected from financial risk. ()

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