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Get to know the insurance business, the income generated is tempting

[ad_1] Insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a policyholder which forms the basis for receiving premiums by the insurance company as a form of compensation.

Insurance companies are here to become insurance guarantors in Indonesia in order to minimize risk financially.

In Law No. 2 of 1992, an insurance business is an agreement between two or more parties, in which the insurer is willing to bind himself to the insured as the recipient of the insurance premium to provide compensation to the insured due to loss, damage or loss of expected profits or considered as a third party liability that the insured may suffer, arising from an uncertain event, or providing a payment based on the life or death of the insured person.

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Various explanations about the flow of the Insurance Business can be found through the website page. On the website you can search for things related to the insurance business.

Through the tiktok page of a content creator, in the video it can be seen that several young women who are already married earn a large income through the insurance business.

With an average income of over hundreds of millions, their monthly expenses are still stable with monthly income.

Even though they are already married, it seems that through the Insurance Business they can manage their finances very well.

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So how are you friends, are you already interested in this lucrative insurance business? You can visit the website to find out more about this business. ()

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