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Gold Price Down! Check out Pawnshop Gold Prices Today

[ad_1] The price of gold sold by PT Pegadaian (Persero) today, Wednesday, 09 November 2022, has been observed to have fallen compared to the previous price.

Quoted directly from Pegadaian’s official website, today Antam’s gold price at Pegadaian in 1 gram denominations sells for Rp. 984,000, the price decreased by Rp. 3000.

PT Pegadaian itself is known to sell various kinds of gold bullion products such as Antam Gold, Antam Batik Gold, Antam Retro Gold and UBS Gold.

The following is Antam’s bar prices in other denominations and does not include tax at Pegadaian today:

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0.5 gram gold price: IDR 544,000

Gold price for 1 gram: IDR 984,000

2 gram gold price: Rp. 1,906,000

3 gram gold price: Rp. 2,830,000

5 gram gold price: IDR 4,628,000

Gold price for 10 grams: IDR 9,304,000

25 gram gold price: IDR 23,130,000

50 gram gold price: IDR 46,178,000

Gold price for 100 grams: IDR 92,274,000

250 gram gold price: IDR 230,411,000

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Gold price for 500 grams: IDR 460,603,000

Gold price for 1,000 grams: IDR 921,165,000

So what, do you have a plan to own this Gold? ()

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