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Tips for choosing insurance according to your own abilities

[ad_1] – Insurance is useful for minimizing the impact of unwanted things. We can say that insurance is the protection of future life. For this reason, it takes knowledge and confidence in choosing insurance.

The greater the protection provided, the greater the premium you have to pay. For this reason, you need to be selective in choosing insurance according to your abilities so that premium payments remain smooth, the investment value is maintained, and you can avoid lapse (after the grace period) so that your insurance cannot be used when you really need it.

Summarized from various sources, here are tips on choosing insurance according to your abilities.

1. Choose insurance according to your needs

To avoid misunderstandings about expensive insurance premiums, you must choose an insurance plan according to your needs. Make sure to review the financial flow so that the premium paid does not interfere with your finances.

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2. Remember, insurance is only for protection

Instead of expecting to get disbursement of funds from insurance, you should use other financial instruments, namely savings to achieve financial goals such as collecting emergency funds, education funds or investments.

This must be done because the basic concept of insurance is to function as protection that will protect you from financial risks such as critical illness, accidents and disabilities that will cause financial losses in the future.

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3. Understand the policy well

Polis does have a thick page and takes time to understand it. Even so, you still have to read and understand the policy carefully. This is done to avoid misunderstandings and to know some important points, such as exceptions, a list of special diseases during the waiting period, and conditions for claims.

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4. Always discuss with a competent and reliable insurance agent

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