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This is the Risk of Delaying Insurance Against Your Financial Future

[ad_1] – We can’t predict what will happen in the future, this is where insurance plays an important role in protecting yourself.

Insurance is useful for minimizing the impact of unwanted things. For this reason, we can say that insurance is future life protection.

In fact, many people may already understand the importance of having insurance to manage their financial risks. However, many are still unsure or choose to delay having it. In fact, the longer delay is the same as letting risks occur to finances and the future.

Reporting from various sources, here are some reasons for you to have insurance immediately.

1. The price premium is getting higher with age

To be able to get insurance protection, we are required to pay a premium to the insurance company that acts as the risk bearer. The premium amount is determined based on the insured’s risk analysis.

The older the insured is, generally the insurance premium will be higher because it is considered that the risk is greater than the younger insured. Likewise related to health conditions that can be seen based on medical records, the insured’s lifestyle whether smoking or not, and so on.

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2. Finances are not well managed

Insurance is actually a mechanism for diverting or transferring risk from us to insurance companies. As a risk transfer service, the insurance company gets premium income paid by the policy owner.

By having insurance, we limit the risk of loss to a certain number that is more certain. Because of course we can’t predict what will happen and how much it will cost. If you are insured and pay premiums consistently, the insurer pays for it.

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3. Opens the risk of being trapped in expensive debt

Insurance is very useful to help us anticipate events that require large funds. Sickness that requires the best medical care, accidents that eliminate the ability to work, to death that stops the source of income for the family left behind, and so on.

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