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Gold Prices Today, Tuesday 3 January 2023, at Pegadaian: Starting from 0.5 Grams to 1 Kg

[ad_1] – The price of gold at Pegadaian during trading, Tuesday 3 January 2023 for types of bars, UBS, and Antam 24 carat at Pegadaian, here are the price details for 1 gram to 1000 grams.

At the beginning of the new year 2023, there are still many people who want to know the price of gold every day. Gold is a safe investment or saving method.

According to information from Pegadaian’s official website, Antam’s smallest 24-karat gold price, namely 0.5 grams, sells for IDR 583,000, still the same as yesterday’s price.

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For Antam’s 24-carat gold measuring 1 gram, Pegadaian sells for IDR 1,062,000 and UBS 24-carat gold sells for IDR 1,015,000, down IDR 8,000 compared to yesterday’s price.

The price for Antam’s 24-carat gold with a size of 5 grams is priced at IDR 5,074,000, while a UBS mold with the same weight sells for IDR 4,975,000.

The price of a 10 gram gold bar printed by Antam today is valued at IDR 10,091,000, while the price for a 10 gram gold bar printed by UBS is valued at IDR 9,898,000.

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Furthermore, Antam’s 50 gram print at Pegadaian sells for IDR 50,108,000, while the 50 gram UBS print sells for IDR 49,289,000.

For the 100 gram size, Pegadaian sets the price for Antam’s printed gold at IDR 100,135,000, while the same size for UBS prints is IDR 98,537,000.

The largest size of gold at Pegadaian, which is 1,000 grams, can be purchased at a price of IDR 999,773,000 for Antam’s print, while UBS’s print is still not available.

Buying pawn gold can be done by coming to a Pawnshop outlet or Pawnshop agent or online through the Pawnshop Digital Application which you can download in the Playstore or Appstore.

Here is a list of today’s gold bar prices, Tuesday 3 January 2023 at Pegadaian:

Weight (grams) Antam Gold UBS Gold
0.5 IDR 583,000 IDR 542,000
1 IDR 1,062,000 IDR 1,015,000
2 IDR 2,061,000 IDR 2,014,000
3 IDR 3,066,000
5 IDR 5,074,000 IDR 4,975,000
10 Rp. 10,091,000 IDR 9,898,000
25 IDR 25,096,000 IDR 24,696,000
50 IDR 50,108,000 IDR 49,289,000
100 IDR 100,135,000 IDR 98,537,000
250 IDR 250,063,000 IDR 246,269,000
500 IDR 499,908,000 IDR 491,956,000
1000 IDR 999,773,000

Meanwhile, for Pegadaian’s gold savings, for every 0.01 gram, Pegadaian sets today’s Gold Price for a selling price of IDR 9,560 and a buying price of IDR 9,270. ()

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