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Want to Invest in Gold But with a Reliable Source? Check the following BAPPEBTI recommendation platform

[ad_1] – Investments nowadays are in great demand by various groups, especially young people or generation Z.

You don’t need to come to the bank or the stock exchange office, because now everything can be done in the palm of your hand, aka your smartphone.

Instruments for investment also vary. Starting from stocks, bonds, mutual funds to gold. However, if you are a little confused about which investment you want and can be categorized as a beginner, maybe you can try investing in gold.

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Currently there are many institutions that offer buying and selling gold. For Indonesia, the official gold buying and selling platform is one that is registered with Bappebti.

Bappebti or the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency is a supporting element of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade which is under and responsible to the Indonesian Minister of Trade.

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Meanwhile, gold is still a safe and profitable investment instrument. Now people can buy and sell through digital platforms.

Then, what are the rules and regulations for buying and selling gold platforms registered with CoFTRA? Here are several platforms that you can use to make gold transactions that are safe and comfortable and registered on the official CoFTRA website:

  1. Pluang (PT Pluang Emas Sejahtera)

Pluang is a trading platform for gold, crypto, US stocks, US Indices and mutual funds. You can get Pluang easily on the Play Store and also the App Store. Currently Pluang has been working with Pegadaian as a depositor. Later, the user’s gold will be stored at Pegadaian and guaranteed by PT Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House.

  1. Sakumas (PT Sehati Indonesia Sejahtera)

Sakumas is a platform for buying and selling gold in the form of jewelry or precious metals through digital gold media. The user’s digital gold is stored in the form of physical gold in a depository safe and the recording is done digitally.

  1. Indogold (PT Indogold Makmur Sejahtera)

Indogold is a digital platform that provides gold buying and selling services. Indogold started as a family business which has been engaged in the sale and purchase of PT Antam certified precious metal gold since 1978. The products offered are buying and selling gold LM UBS, LM Antam, silver SRH. Then in 2018, Indogold obtained a permit from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and this company has also obtained a permit and is supervised by CoFTRA.

  1. Treasury (PT Indonesia Logam Pratama)

Treasury is a platform for buying and selling and storing commodity assets ranging from gold, Indonesian coins to jewelry. You can access Treasury through the website, Play Store to App Store. Treasury itself has obtained a permit and is supervised by CoFTRA on December 13, 2021 based on the Decree of the Head of CoFTRA Number 001/BAPPEBTI/P-ED/12/2021. At the Treasury, users can store and transact gold assets with only a minimum of IDR 5,000 without a minimum balance and storage fee.

  1. Sell ​​Gold (PT Laku Emas Indonesia)

Laku Emas is a platform that provides buying and selling gold. Laku Emas is also supported by several branches in major malls across the country, where customers can buy, store, sell and withdraw gold without any storage fees and get additional benefits. Users can buy gold starting at IDR 50,000. ()

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