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Want to invest with instruments that are easy to liquidate? Let’s Save Gold!

[ad_1] – Investing nowadays is very easy. With the development of technology, now we can invest using our smartphone.

If you like investing in areas with high risks and returns, you can choose stocks. But if you prefer to play it safe, you can choose gold.

Currently, there are approximately four types of gold that can be traded in the community. Gold is one of the most popular investment instruments.

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The reason is because gold is easy to liquidate, easy to store, and is a long-term hedge.

The general public buys gold in bars in various gram fractions, ranging from 1 gram to 50 grams. But there are also those who prefer to keep it in the form of jewelry.

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So what types of gold are in circulation and can be traded by the public? Reporting from the site of one of the investment applications, namely, here are four types of gold that can be used as investment instruments

  1. Gold bar

This is the form of gold that is most often used as an investment instrument. Produced and traded by several companies such as PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, PT King Halim, PT Hartono Wira Tanik and many more. Meanwhile, PT Pegadaian also trades gold bars, but the company does not produce gold. The gold he sells is gold produced by Antam.

Gold bars are available in various gram fractions, ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams. Gold is a precious metal, and is produced by Antam and has a gold content of 99.99%. The authenticity of this gold can be seen from the gold certificate with the serial number engraved on the gold.

  1. Gold coins

Gold is also produced in the form of coins. Indonesia has two types of gold coins that are traded, namely gold Hajj Fees (ONH) and gold dinars. ONH is intended for pilgrims who want to go on a pilgrimage. While dinar coins are usually considered useful for preparing for the pilgrimage.

  1. Gold jewelry

This is the type of gold most often encountered in everyday life. Gold jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and others. The price of gold jewelry is determined by the weight and carat content, there is also the cost of processing gold into jewelry.

  1. Gold online

Online gold is usually traded through online intermediaries, either through online platforms or brokers. Usually known as online gold trading. Online gold buying and selling transactions use margin calculations, options, and other financial methods. ()

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