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Three Types of Insurance that Must Be Included in the 2023 Financial Plan

[ad_1] -2022 is almost over. Maybe some people have started making a financial plan for 2023. The plans included can consist of savings, mortgage funds, business capital, and others. However, have you thought about setting aside a protection fund in 2023?

Apparently, there are several advantages to including protection funds in the 2023 financial plan. Generally, these protection funds are related to insurance, both Islamic insurance and conventional insurance.

The benefits of protection funds in the form of insurance can be seen from the beneficiaries, namely themselves and their families. This applies equally to both Islamic insurance and conventional insurance.

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The type of insurance product that provides benefits for yourself is health insurance. Meanwhile, insurance products that provide benefits to families include life insurance and education fund insurance.

Life insurance

As the name suggests, life insurance benefits will be obtained when the insurance policyholder dies. Therefore, the benefits of this type of insurance product are not for oneself but for the family or designated heirs.

This type of insurance product is highly recommended for individuals who have a high risk in their work, such as pilots or people who frequently travel long distances. The importance of setting aside a protection fund in the form of life insurance is for the convenience of the family in the future if the policyholder dies.

Health Insurance

The type of health insurance product is very important to anticipate the risk of illness or accident that requires special treatment. The existence of health insurance can cover costs incurred such as hospitalization, outpatient care, redemption of prescription drugs, and so on.

Therefore, it is very important for anyone to have health insurance. Don’t let the emergency fund be used up just to pay for hospital treatment costs.

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Education Fund Insurance

As quoted from, the higher cost of education needs to be anticipated with good financial planning so that the right of the baby to enjoy quality education is guaranteed and fulfilled.

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