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List of Reasons Your Favorite Motorcycle Should Be Insured, So You Don’t Regret It in the Future

[ad_1] -Based on data for 2021, motorcycle accidents in Indonesia have reached 103,645. This data certainly increases with the continued increase in motorbike users in Indonesia. Therefore, it is clear that your favorite motorbike must be protected with motorbike insurance.

Quoted from Insurance Monumentby having motorbike insurance, you can be calmer when driving.

The following are several reasons why having motorbike insurance is very important so that your favorite motorbike and yourself are in a safe and comfortable condition.

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1. Provide protection
The protection provided by motorbike insurance covers accidents, the risk of theft, and repair costs.

2. Lighten the burden of costs
Generally, motorbike insurance can cover vehicle repair costs, either in part or in whole, depending on the protection ceiling provided. Whatever the form, motorbike insurance can help you offset the costs of driving risks that have the potential to disrupt your financial condition.

3. Gives a sense of security when driving
With insurance, you will definitely feel safer and more comfortable wherever you drive because you are protected from various kinds of risks. However, of course you still have to be careful when driving to minimize the risk of having an accident which can be fatal.

Tips for choosing motorcycle insurance

1. Adjust to the needs
Adjusting insurance to your needs can help you get the right type of protection. This adjustment can be seen from the condition of the vehicle in detail, for example engine condition, age, vehicle specifications, and so on.

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There are two motorbike insurance options that you can consider, namely:

Insurance all risk (comprehensive) – Provides protection for almost all risks that may occur in a vehicle. Covers major to minor accidents, but with some coverage exceptions.

Insurance total loss only (TLO) – This type of insurance guarantees up to 75% damage or loss only. Usually does not cover minor damage to the vehicle.

Tips for choosing motorcycle insurance

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