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Imitation Gold Jewelry Fades and Stains Easily? Know More Causes and How to Overcome It

[ad_1] — When we really want to invest in new jewelry, but this is hampered because we have limited funds. Maybe some people will choose an alternative to buying imitation gold jewelry that is durable and more affordable.

However, the effect is unwanted if we don’t pay too much attention to choosing jewelry materials and how to care for them properly.

We are familiar with seeing cases or even experiencing some of the strange effects of wearing imitation jewelery stuck to the skin.

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One of the strange effects commonly experienced is leaving a color stain on the skin. Such as an incident where the skin turns green or black around the former ring area.

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Naturally, this strange occurrence can trigger fear in many people who want to buy it. In fact, we might even wonder if it’s dangerous.

So what caused those unsightly blemishes, and how can you prevent them from happening again?

Copper and other metals can stain skin

Knowing which metal is causing the stain will help us to explore the cause. So what metal causes such an effect?

One of the biggest and most common culprits is copper jewelry. It is commonly found in various pieces of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Many fashion jewelery contains the material, as it is a much cheaper alternative when compared to other precious metals. In addition, the copper material is easily formed with a variety of beautiful models, of course, the main attraction.

Several other nearly identical ingredients include nickel and, occasionally, pure silver. Although less commonly used, it is still found in a wide variety of jewelry. If we are concerned about the material, there are several ways to choose the best metal for a jewelry collection

But why do these metals cause jewelry to stain on the skin?

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