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Prices and Analysis of Gold Metal Today, Traders Must Watch!

[ad_1] – The price movement of the world’s precious metal gold or better known as XAU/USD leads to a bullish trend to the level of $ 2019.45.

The price of the precious metal gold is at its highest level since the last two weeks at $ 2,015.20 on Wednesday (3/5/2023) morning.

Gold prices are expected to remain firm on mixed US data and fears of US default and banking problems.

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The US central bank is ready to raise interest rates by 0.25% so that traders are inclined to pay attention to the policies of the Fed.

According to the latest International Monetary Data (IMF), Asian economies are predicted to expand 4.6% this year after rising 3.8% last year.

Global lenders state that Asia and the Pacific contributes 70% to global growth. This region is also the world’s most dynamic main region this year, due to the bright prospects of China and India.

Seeing the domination of the Asian region in demand for gold, market optimism will drive the price of this precious metal.

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Antam’s Gold Precious Metal Prices

The price of gold today May 3, 2023 at 11.13 $ 2,019.07/oz or IDR 30,568,072 at an exchange rate of 15,140.

A troy ounce is a unit of transaction weight used throughout the world where one troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams.

Meanwhile, the price movement of world gold per gram is at the level of 64.91 grams or IDR 982,807. The following is a summary of Antam’s gold price today by site

1gram IDR 1,062,000
2gram IDR 516,000/gr
3 grams IDR 341,222/gr
5gram IDR 203,400/gr
10 grams IDR 100,150/gr
25 gram IDR 40.259/gr
50 gram 20.098/gr
100 gram IDR 10,041/gr
250 gram IDR 4,012/gr
500 gram IDR 2,005/gr
1000 gram IDR 1.003/gr

Gold Technical Analysis Today

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