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Must Know for Owners and Prospective Insurance Policy Owners, Here Are Some Reasons for Rejecting Insurance Claims

[ad_1] -Reflecting on the case of Indra Bekti being hospitalized after experiencing a brain hemorrhage, many are wondering about health insurance.

Quoting from, the younger brother gave updates when Indra Bekti was hospitalized he said that Indra Bekti had insurance but was refused. According to his younger brother, he did not know the reason clearly.

Supposedly, health insurance is able to cover the costs incurred as a result of Indra Bekti being hospitalized. So, why are there cases of insurance companies rejecting claims from customers? Quoting from cnbcindonesia.comhere are some things that could be the reason.

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Policy lapse

lapse is a condition where the insurance policy is no longer active. The reason is the late payment of premiums or contributions. If the case is unit linked insurance, it could be that the cash value balance (investment) in the insurance runs out or loses money, so there is no money left to claim.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions is a disease condition that has occurred before the making of insurance. Let’s just say, someone has heart disease and wants to buy critical illness insurance, the insurance will not be able to be used directly to cover the medical expenses of the person’s heart, because the disease is included in the category of critical illness. pre-existing condition.

This can be avoided by taking advantage of critical illness, because it applies grass period 3 months critical illness with a record of the illness that has been suffered by the policyholder must be notified as clearly as possible.

Use of Insurance Exceeding the Limit

This applies to hospitalization insurance hospital cash benefitsthen there will be a maximum annual limit that applies.

The amount of the limit will be related to the amount of premium you pay. When this limit expires, the insurance company will not be able to cover your claim.

Incomplete claim documents

Valid for submission of claims in the form reimbursement. The insurance company will definitely ask for documents in the form of claim forms, medical records, hospitalization diagnoses, and so on.

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