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Lion Headed Car at Taman Safari Prigen, Is Insurance Covered?

[ad_1] – Motor vehicle accidents on the highway do sometimes occur & are difficult to avoid. However, what if this accident happened between your Car Get Headed by a Lion?

Like the funny but painful incident that a visitor to the Taman Sari Pringen Zoo experienced.

As is known, Taman Safari Indonesia allows its animals to be in an adapted area such as their natural habitat and visitors who come by car are only allowed to see from the car.

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Well, this unfortunate and “unique” incident occurred at Taman Safari Prigen yesterday. Which is the Car Head Lion at Prigen Safari Park.

The incident of the Lion Header Car at Prigen Safari Park began with two kings of the jungle fighting away from the line of visitors’ cars, but soon, the two of them were chasing each other closer to the area where the visitors’ cars queued.

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In the end, one of the lions hit the left rear of the visitor’s red car, which is believed to be a Toyota Yaris, causing the taillight to break.

The actions of the two lions named Frans and Debo caused an uproar on social media. This viral incident raises the question of whether insurance is covered for car damage caused by animals at this Safari Park.

“Visitors don’t need to worry either, because every entrance ticket to Taman Safari Indonesia II in East Java includes insurance for visitors and vehicles,” said TSI II in an official broadcast, Sunday (12/2/2023).

“However, if the vehicle damage occurs intentionally or by the visitors themselves, the insurance cannot be claimed,” they added.

TSI II Prigen reports that both lions and visitors are fine in this incident. It is a phenomenon where the male lion shows who is stronger.()

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