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Learning from the Berkah Gold Shop, customers can use this method so they don’t lose out

[ad_1] – The news about the gold shop is still unclear. Customers in Pemalang are still confused.

A few days ago, it was reported that the gold shop was closed simultaneously. They have approximately 23 shops that are closed simultaneously.

Suddenly this made the customers of the gold blessing shop in Pemalang and Kajen Pekalongan confused.

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But fortunately, the Pekalongan Police have stepped in to assist Kajen Pekalongan residents who want to buy and sell gold.

For information, the gold blessing shop in Kajen Pekalongan has a different management from Pemalang, so the shop is still open to serve customers.

Due to the high number of residents who wanted to resell their gold at Kajen’s gold shop, the Kajen Police facilitated this by temporarily moving gold trading activities to the Kajen police office.

Then how about the fate of customers in the city of Pemalang? Until this news was published, the author had not received the latest information.

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Here the author wants to share tips on how we don’t experience the same as the customers of the blessed gold shop who allegedly closed due to bankruptcy.

1. Buy pure gold, even though it’s small, but it has a sale value

This is done so that, for example, the shop where we buy gold goes bankrupt, we can still sell our gold at another shop.

2. Make sure to buy one with a letter

Usually other shops will accept our gold if it is equipped with a letter. This letter can be concrete evidence to explain the origin of our gold.

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